One, two, tittie..?

Oh…whoa is me. The life of a working girl is a tough one to lead. There’s just so many orgasms… so little time. It must seem like a dream job for some. It’s true. I probably only spend about 3 hours a day on emails and text and waiting on stand-ups. If I’m lucky, I may get an hour or two of intense sucking and fucking. But almost every other second of each and every day I spend alone. And there are definitely encounters that require extreme re-hydration and lots of rest before I could even think of screaming in ecstasy again. But those are actually the good days.

Today began as a good day. I mean, it seemed to have potential. I was stuck washing my delicate little g-strings in the tub then drying them in front of the massive air conditioner. I gotta have clean panties. Ooh what a life. Right?

My breakfast date left me a rather large tip that put me in a super good mood that even washing my panties  couldn’t touch. Breakfast on. Music high. It’s just my thing. Must suck to be my neighbor. Lol. It gets pretty loud in my hotel room quite often. I know i must have woken up a few vacationers when my breakfast date was going down on me. I smile. He was a very ‘good boy’. 

Damn! I just realized i have to wash the sheets too. I smile again. He got a faceful of my juices this morning. Yes, he was a very ‘good boy’


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