top hooker legs

Okay, I have a date with one of my 420 “friends” in like 20 minutes so I’ve got to make this a speedy entry. Just a quick introduction:

Hello, darlin. MasterHead here. Mistress of all your kinky pleasures. My body may by stunning but even more important….I’ve got talent. Take one sexy addict and give her the ability to take notes on the loves and lovers of her everyday life. You end up with one hell of a saucy read for anyone interested in the business at all. Or perhaps just a freak in need of real experiences to show you that …. Freaks are not made. They are born. I’ll touch back after I touch Mr. 420 with my tongue and every inch of my body.

[And for next time…perhaps a little cloth to wipe the drool from your lips love. lol]